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Goals and Accomplishments

As a region, Sumter and Lee Counties offer many unique and competitive assets that meet the needs of citizens and businesses. With more than 30 parks and recreational facilities, along with marked downtown revitalization efforts ongoing in both cities, this region is Recognized and Ready! 


  • Best Small Market Aerospace Locations in SC (Southern Business and Development)
  • Best Contractors for Industrial Projects in SC (Southern Business and Development)
  • Best Small Town Manufacturing Workforces in SC (Southern Business and Development)
  • Best Megasites in SC (Southern Business and Development)
  • Best Small Town Industrial Sites in SC (Southern Business and Development)
  • Best Places to Hire Veterans in SC(Southern Business and Development)
  • Star for Growth and Success  (SC Governor Nikki Haley)
  • 21st in Top 50 places for an affordable retirement home (US News)
  • One of the Top 4 cities on the Rise in SC (Nerd Wallet)
  • ​Best in the Southern Auto Corridor for Supplier Parts (Southern Business and Development)
  • ​Top 12  SC Counties capturing the most manufacturing projects of 50 jobs between 2010-2016 (Southern Business and Development)


  • Raise the per capita income, increase wealth and enhance the quality of life for all citizens
  • Grow our workforce readiness and training programs
  • Strengthen our relationship with existing industry for ongoing success and future expansion opportunities
  • Increase focus and training in the STEM field both at the K-12 level and secondary education



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