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Major Employers

Company Name Employees Product(s)
Pilgrim’s Pride 1,010 Fresh & frozen poultry
Sykes, Inc. 950 Data Center
Becton Dickinson 715 Disposable blood collection devices
Eaton Electrical 750 Electrical distribution equipment
Santee Print Works 420 Printing & finishing cotton, synthetics
Continental Tire 1020 Passenger & Light Truck Tires
Kaydon Corp. 350 Precision bearings
APEX Tool Group 120 Various hand tools
Glasscock Company 250 Sand, gravel, ready-mix concrete
Color-Fi, Inc. 247 Polyester fiber
Caterpillar Hydraulics 120 Hydraulic cylinders for heavy equipment
Caterpillar Precision Pins 80 Linkage pins and planet shafts for heavy equipment
Sumter Metal Products 155 Battery trays
Porter’s Fabrications 144 Safes
Coca-Cola Consolidated 140 Soft drinks
Sumter Packaging Corp. 117

Corrugated shipping containers & specialties

International Paper 115 Fine paper
Ardagh Group 106 Beverage cans
EMS-Chemie (North America), Inc. 100

Thermoplastic adhesive, engineering polymers, technical fibers


Source: TheLINK, 2017


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