Troy Santoscoy honored as Ambassador for Economic Development

Troy Santoscoy, plant manager at South Atlantic Canners, was recently honored as an Ambassador for Economic Development by the Department of Commerce and legislative leaders as part of South Carolina’s 19th Annual Industry Appreciation Week.

The ceremony took place in Colum bia on January 26 at the Statehouse and highlighted 48 individuals from 46 coun ties for their exceptional efforts to bolster community and economic development activities in South Carolina.

Gov. Mark Sanford said improving “our South Carolina’s business climate and developing a skilled workforce have been priorities for our administration, these efforts alone are not enough.”

Sanford said the help and efforts of community and business leaders in every corner of the state are critically important.

“We say thank you to these ambas sadors for economic development for their efforts to create jobs and economic opportunity in South Carolina, he said.

After working in Charlotte until 2004, Santoscoy came to Lee County to work with South Atlantic Canners Inc., the largest private sector employer in Lee County. He is now leading efforts to expand operations at the plant. A section of Cousar Street was recently closed to allow for the expansion of the company.

Santoscoy also supports his company’s civic involvement. South Atlantic is a major contributor to the Palmetto Pride campaign and actively assists in the organization and participation of Lee County Pride Day.

Santoscoy opens the plant to host a cookout and awards presentation for the participants following a litter pick-up.

Under his direction, the plant also participates in numerous philanthropic organizations, including the Adopt-a- Highway program, and plays an active role in supporting local schools, churches and community groups.

Santoscoy is also an active member of the Santee Lynches Workforce Invest ment Board, the Santee Lynches One Stop Youth Committee and the Lee County Chamber of Commerce.

House Speaker Bobby Harrell said the state’s existing businesses are “one of our most valuable economic development tools. Job creation and industry promo tion begins on the ground level and is handled mostly in the private sector by these business leaders.”

Harrell thanked Santoscoy and all the Ambassadors for Economic Development for their “effective lead ership and for proving that our best resources lie not in the hands of government but reside in the private sector.”

Joe Taylor, Secretary of Commerce said small and large businesses have con tributed to South Carolina’s economy with investments, job creation and community involvement.

“This is a week to recognize the contributions of businesses and community leaders for their continued commitment to growing economic op portunity in South Carolina,” Taylor said. “These ambassa dors have dedicated their en ergy and gone the extra mile to enhance our communities and make South Carolina a better place to live and work. We congratulate each ambas sador and thank them for their efforts.”

Each year the Department of Commerce joins local communities to thanks businesses for their vital contributions to South Carolina’s economy.

The Department of Commerce kicks off Industry Appreciation Week each year by recognizing individuals throughout South Carolina as Ambassadors for Economic Development.

These individuals include local leaders from the private sector representing a variety of businesses and economic development organizations committed to securing new jobs and investment in their communities.