Award-Winning Festival

Boost Your eSTEAM– The event tagline used for promoting the eSTEAM Sumter Festival, but also the under-girded message and mantra. As thousands of kids and parents from 6 neighboring counties convened on the south end of Main Street in Sumter, the festival brought a semblance of life to an otherwise distressed area in efforts to bring together industry, community and kids- showcasing opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. This event invigorated the manufacturing industry, which induces retention. Manufacturing is the largest employment sector in this region. The event focused on the current and future needs of our potential and existing industry. The event set up allowed for further interaction between schools and industry as the entities were intentionally intermingled. In addition, inflatables Ultimately, the event evoked excitement and interest for jobs in industry and manufacturing. For more information please visit: